Testosterone Boosting Foods

10 Of The Best Testosterone Boosting Foods To Improve Your Male Health

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Yes, male enhancement supplements can be beneficial when you want to get your testosterone levels back on track.

However, if you want to get even better results, we recommend you to take a closer look at your diet. You have to make sure it comes with testosterone boosting foods that can improve your levels even more.

Here, we are going to take a closer look at foods that can help you to increase your testosterone levels. These testosterone boosting foods will help you to get that health boost you need.

Except for one or two foods, we aim to get as close to something you are already familiar with eating.

Red Meat

Yes we know, high levels of fat, tons of bad LDL cholesterol and closely related to colon cancer. But at the same time, an excellent source of proteins, minerals, and good HDL cholesterol. Red meat is probably one of the best testosterone boosting foods around.

Try not to overdo it, but have some solid ground beef at least a couple of times during the week. Beef is also an excellent source of zinc which is one of the primary compounds in semen and testosterone.

Egg Yolks

Many bodybuilders and fitness athletes are having egg whites for breakfast because they know how good a protein source eggs are. However, you should consume around two yolks for breakfast as well.

Egg yolks are a testosterone booster and give you more nutrients than the egg whites. Yolks do contain cholesterol as well, good and bad, but the cholesterol in eggs can help men with low levels of testosterone.

If you are having issues with high cholesterol levels, you have to be careful.


It doesn’t matter whether if it is tuna steak or tuna in a can. Both are great to increase your testosterone levels. Tuna contains high amounts of vitamin D and is an excellent source of protein. Also, tuna can improve your sex drive, so you better put these tuna steaks on the grill.

If you are not so much into fish, you can always substitute with some Vitamin D.

Keep in mind that many species of tuna are endangered, so do your check up where you buy your tuna.


The truth is that you need fat to produce testosterone, so it is never recommended to cut down your fat intake, not even when you are on a diet.

However, you can switch things around a little and cut down on the fat you are getting from processed food, and get it from vegetables. Here avocadoes is an excellent option because it will not only improve your testosterone production but will also feed you with the critical omega fatty acids.


I know, this one can be pretty hard to swallow for many guys, it is probably one of the worse testosterone boosting foods. However, oysters do come with high levels of zinc that will benefit your testosterone and semen production.

At least try it out once a month to get your zinc levels up.

Virgin Olive Oil

Many people believe it tastes and smells horrible, but it is an excellent source of fatty acid to get and to improve your testosterone levels.

In a study, a group young Moroccan men switched to virgin olive oil as their primary source of fat for two weeks. These men increased their testosterone levels by 17%, which is pretty good for increasing your testosterone levels.

What did it is probably the context of the oil we find in olives.  You can read more about this study here.

If you want to increase your testosterone levels using virgin olive oil, it is important that you are getting the real deal. There are many different types of olive oils available. Look for the ones that are organic and comes with a trusted brand.

The ones you can buy cheap for cooking is not the right one.


You often hear that coffee is not good for you and that you will get addicted to the caffeine in the coffee. Coffee may also increase your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, but usually, these peaks are very short lived. So if your cortisol levels are high, it is likely linked to something else and not your beloved morning coffee.

When it comes to coffee a good rule of thumb is to have your last coffee before 6 pm. Then you will get good nights sleep without any caffeine jittering in your body.

Coffee does give you a lot of health benefits and will help you with your testosterone levels. It boosts your so-called cAMP levels which will lead to an increase in your testosterone production.

Coffee is also a great antioxidant that will flush out free radicals and toxins, which also can lead to an increase in testosterone.

You can learn more about cAMP levels, coffee, and your testosterone production here.

Low-Fat Milk

There a lot of health care practitioners, dietitians, and also regular people are turning against drinking milk. They say it can cause allergies and that we are the only creature drinking something from another animal’s stomach. Well, we are the most intelligent creature so why not be smart enough to take full advantage and get a lot of important nutrients from another animal’s stomach?

If you are sensitive to milk, then yes stay away from it and don’t drink it.

Milk is a great calcium and protein source that will promote bone health. It also gives you high levels of Vitamin D that will enhance your testosterone production.

Men should never replace cow milk with soy milk since it promotes estrogen production that may develop female characteristics and damage your testosterone production.


Both white kidney beans, black beans, and baked beans are great to promote male health and testosterone. They are rich in nutrients plant-based proteins which you need because you are probably getting all your proteins from various sources of meat.


If you like to workout, you can with high benefits grab some raisins after your workout; it will benefit your muscle building and weight loss. First and foremost, Raisins are great antioxidants that will flush out toxins. It is also an estrogen suppressor that will lower your levels of estrogen and promote testosterone production.

It is thanks to the mineral Boron which is kind of unknown to many but have shown some excellent results in various studies.

Finally On Testosterone Boosting Foods

I think most men will have no issues consuming the above testosterone boosting foods, except for the oysters. The good thing is if you incorporate these foods into your diet and stick to them they can also help you to promote a weight loss in case you want to lose weight.

In fact, they are much better to eat, than going on a traditional weight loss diet that is more geared towards women’s weight loss.

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